Thursday, 1 December 2016

I joined a support group

Fertility Matters Canada runs a local support group. When I first moved here I contacted them about being put on the mailing list for the monthly support group meetings. It took 3 months for me to work up the courage to attend a meeting. Even then I tried to make excuses not to go, and my husband basically had to force me to go.

The meeting was pretty simple. There were 2 facilitators that ran the meeting. One has completed her infertility journey and the other has 1 baby from IVF, no embryos, and is deciding if she wants to go through another round of IVF for another baby. There were 10 people there (1 man, married to one of the women) and we just went around the table and talked about our journey so far. Nothing special happened, but it was so great to talk to people in real life that really understand what you are going through – how helpless and frustrated and like a failure you feel, how much the medications suck, how hard it is to watch everyone around you get pregnant with no trouble, the financial aspect. My friends and family try to understand, but they haven’t gone through infertility so they don’t really get it. The support group people do.